About Us

Dr. Ira Bernstein is a family physician who completed medical school at the University of Toronto in 1990.  He completed his residency in family and community medicine at the University of Toronto in 1992.  Since completing his training, Dr. Bernstein started his family practice at 960 Lawrence Ave. West in Toronto.

Dr. Bernstein began his hospital  affiliation with Northwestern General Hospital which then after the merger became Humber River Hospital.  Dr. Bernstein remains actively involved with the new Humber River Hospital on Wilson Avenue and serves as Family Practice Division Head, Mental Health, and is a member of the Family Practice Executive Committee.

In addition, Dr. Bernstein is actively involved with the University of Toronto undergraduate medical education, teaching students from the second and third years.  He has status as lecturer, with the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bernstein works with Dr. Adriana Pirvu in the same office.   If one doctor is away, the other doctor can see the absent doctor's patients for urgent or time sensitive issues.

Our front desk staff  team members are Ana and Cathrine  and work very hard with the patients and physicians to help make the patient experience enjoyable.

Our clinic utilizes Oscar Electronic Medical Records, supported by Indivica and are now utilizing their latest cloud based technology for paperless patient records.  We also use Doctors Services Group to administer our uninsured services, and provision of secure emailing and website hosting.

Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Pirvu are members of the Midtown Family Health Organization.  This is a group of over 35 family physicians at multiple geographic locations.  We provide after hours services to our patients at a physician's office for four weeknights a week and one weekend day.  This is for urgent medical problems.  To inquire about the after hours details, please call the following telephone number: 416-486-1956