Office Policies

What to bring to each and every appointment

  • Your health card (e.g. OHIP) – ministry requirement
  • Your current medications (or a complete and accurate list) - including prescription drugs (with dosage and frequency), over-the-counter medications, vitamins, supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies
  • Name and dosage of recent medications prescribed by other physicians (e.g. antibiotics)

Lab Results

Generally speaking, patients will be contacted regarding abnormal lab results.  They will be instructed whether treatment is required and if and when follow up should be obtained.  Given the high number of tests, our staff do not contact patients with normal results.  Both Lifelabs and Dynacare now have patient portals to access your personal lab tests. Inquire at the lab as to how to obtain access to your results. Dynacare Plus is the secure online portal for patients to access lab test 24 x 7.  Test results are posted one day after they are final in their system and made available to you.  Patients must be 16 years or older and certain categories of tests, including some sensitive tests, are not available.  For more information, visit

Medication Refills

There will be a charge for any medications renewed over the phone/fax. Every single prescription written or renewed is documented in the electronic medical record.  A great deal of time is spent to ensure good record keeping and accuracy of information.  Please keep track of your medication supply and book an appointment to refill your medications at least 1 week before you run out if you wish to avoid a charge. The optional annual fee covers all medication renewals.  Your doctor will prescribe enough medications to last you until a follow-up visit is warranted. Your condition may change over time, and regular assessments, which may include lab tests, are required to adjust your treatment plan to optimize your health. Patients with diabetes for example should be assessed every three months routinely.

Referrals and Investigations

It can take up to several weeks to arrange referrals to specialists (depending on the specialist) and special investigations. If you have not heard about an appointment after 1-2 weeks, please call our office to check on the status of the referral.


We respect your time and will try to remain on schedule. Being on-time requires the office’s cooperation as well as yours. If you have a number of concerns please prioritize them with the most pressing concern first.  If you have many concerns that will take extra time, please convey that information to the staff so an appropriately scheduled appointment can be provided.  This will ensure that we can devote sufficient attention to all of your concerns, without unnecessary time-pressures.  We request that you do not walk in without an appointment and expect to be seen given that there are likely appointments scheduled during that time. 

If you arrive late for your appointment we can only spend the remainder of the visit on your concerns.  If you miss it all together we may bill you for the lost appointment and re-book it for you.  OHIP does not compensate for the time and expenses incurred due to missed appointments.  It is also unfair to other patients who could have been given that appointment time.    We understand that emergencies do happen and we take that into consideration (eg family emergencies, inclement weather etc.)

If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify us as soon as possible so we can accommodate another patient into your slot. Cancellations after your appointment time may incur a missed appointment fee. Complete physical and counselling appointments require 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Uninsured Services

There are some services that OHIP does not cover. OHIP considers these to be not medically necessary and are therefore uninsured. Please click on the link below for option of signing up to our uninsured services program. CLICK HERE

Seeing Other Physicians: ER, Walk-in Clinics, etc.

There may be times when you have an urgent concern and need to see a physician after hours.  If you are unable to come in to our office, please contact our after-hours clinic at 416-486-1956. Please do not sign a Ministry of Health Patient Enrollment roster form at another physician's office unless you wish to permanently switch your primary healthcare provider.  If you visit the ER or another clinic, to ensure continuity of your care, ask that your reports and results be copied to your regular doctor. Bring any new medications to your next appointment.  We request that you attempt to see a physician member of the Midtown Family Health Organization if you need a physician after hours or when the doctor is away.  Rostered patients who attend walk in clinics or physicians outside of the Organization results in their regular doctor being penalized by OHIP for the full fee billed by the other clinic physician.  Patient should not attend a walk-in clinic and visit their regular doctor the same day as OHIP does not pay for two visits on the same day.

Scent Free and Smoke Free Environment

People at the office have respiratory conditions that make their airways sensitive to strong odours and irritants. Please refrain from wearing strong perfumes / colognes when visiting the office, and refrain from smoking prior to your appointment.