Nutritional Services

How can a Registered Holistic Nutritionist help me?

  • A Registered Nutritionist can advise individuals, familes and groups on how to manage weight, improve diet, lifestyle and attitude to prevent disease and promote health

  • A Nutritionist will provide education on the benefits of whole foods, lifestyle improvements and appropriate supplementation relative to one's health issues

  • Nutritional Counseling is scientific, evidence-based nutrition that aims to educate you about foods and a healthier lifestyle and considers personalized dietary supplements for optimum health and energy.  An assessment of environmental toxicity, imbalances, and other factors that can contribute to poor health will be addressed.

Services may include:

  • Diet and Liefstyle Evaluation
  • Teach Health Eating and whole foods
  • Individualized nutrition plan
  • Provide Meal plans for improved weight, mood, and energy
  • Shopping tours
  • Family meal planning
  • Suggestions for improving lifestyle
  • Suggestions for managing stress
  • Teach wellness and holistic nutrition
  • Advise on basic wellness supplementation

Therapeutic Services may include:

  • Intake of personal information
  • Review Lab Assessments
  • Provide Recommendations
  • Consult with other practitioners
  • Advise therapeutic menu and nutrients
  • Provide follow-up support


Dr. Bernstein is pleased to recommend the services of Danielle Turk CNP, RNCP, ROHP who is a Registered Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance Practitioner.  She has previously provided group nutritional counseling to Dr. Bernstein's patients and is available on an individual basis for personalized support.  To contact Daniele, either call her at 416-804-8377 or visit her website at or write her at

Dr. Bernstein also has a passion for nutrition.  He has studied extensively as nutrition is not taught in the medical curriculum.  Dr. Bernstein understands the importance of treating the underlying cause of disease and focuses on disease prevention.  His goal is to preserve and optimize the health of his patients.  Managing chronic degenerative diseases is not only unaffordable in our strained heatlh care system, but for the patient, a poor quality of life due to chronic degenerative disease has dreadful ramificaitons for the patient and his or her family.

Dr. Bernstein recommends that patients of all ages optimize their cellular health with high quality nutritional supplements.  We simply cannot get the optimal nutrients from the food that we eat.  The scientific evidence is published, with more all the time demonstrating the benefits of long term nutritional supplmentation even in areas such as cancer prevention and heart disease.  Dr. Bernstein has an association with a premium nutritional company called USANA Health Sciences.  For information on their products, visit Dr. Bernstein's USANA site at


Metabolic Balance Nutrition Program


Danielle Turk CNP, RNCP, ROHP


Metabolic Balance, MB, is an all- natural health and weight management system, whose primary goal is to bring your body into balance with clean, whole foods based on the latest scientific findings. It is the winner of the prestigious MEDICAL WELLNESS AWARD, 2009, offering healthy, fast results and long-term success.  


Metabolic Balance® has recently undergone a comprehensive scientific study and the results have been published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, (Volume 2010, Article ID 197656). The study reports that, MB brought significant improvements to participant's lab values, weight adjustment and greatly assisted their shift to better health and better quality of life.

The Institute of Medicine reports that Metabolic Balance succeeds all weight loss programs based on the most reduced Body Mass Index, and most sustained long-term weight loss.


The MB program is developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack, M.D., physician of Internal and Nutritional medicine, with  the collaboration of Silvia Bürkle, nutritional scientistist.

It is the accumulation of over 25 years of research and development, based on clinical research, scientific and medical fundamentals, studies, and analysis techniques. The program is managed by a team of respected doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists. 


The nutrition recommendations of the MB program are based on the latest scientific evidence by Dr. Walter Willet, Professor for Epidemiology and Nutrition, Chair of the Department of Nutrition of Harvard School of Public Health, Professor of medicine, and co-author of the Nurses`Health Study and Health Professionals` Study. 


The metabolic balance® nutritional pyramid is based on the LOGI pyramid suggested by Prof. David Ludwig and The Diogenes study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 25 November 2010 by T. M. Larsen, which verifies that the recommendations of metabolic balance® are in accordance with the latest scientific findings.


For more information on the Metabolic Balance program, contact Danielle Turk CNP, RNCP, ROHP:

416 804-8377


Disclaimer: The metabolic balance® program does not replace regular consultations with your medical practitioner. Especially in relation to any symptoms or illnesses requiring medical supervision.